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Private DMO

Started as Is it possible to use local component in DLL? on microsoft.public.vc.atl newsgroup. The question is to embed a custom DirectX Media Object (DMO) into executable so that it is only available to proprietary application and not to entire system and could be reused in other applications. If in particular this DMO should be…

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ATL Registration Script

Since ATL version 3, and actually it probably existed even since even earlier time, I have seen Microsoft Visual Studio (and its predecessor Visual C++) generating .RGS registration script with hardcoded CLSID value, ProgID values and other strings entered through IDE wizard. While it seems to work nice at the moment of generation, it still…

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How To: Wrap an existing DirectShow filter with a private video source filter (COM aggregation)

See beginning in microsoft.public.win32.programmer.directx.video newsgroup. This sample is demonstrating COM aggregation to embed an existing filter an re-expose it as a new filter having inner filter pre-initialized. The Visual Studio C++.NET 2008 projects contains a DirectShow filter class that registers itself under Video Capture Sources category and embeds File Source (Async) Filter inside initialized to…

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