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Sakura Bliss version of Direct3D 11 rendering and presentation load tool

I am sharing today one another tool which I am using to simulate load from time to time (such as the one against video/desktop streaming through Rainway). The application is rendering an HLSL variant of Sakura Bliss shadertoy (by Philippe Desgranges) using Direct3D 11 swap chain in DXGI_SWAP_EFFECT_FLIP_DISCARD mode. For starters, the shader is mesmerizing…

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Reference Signal Source: Hello, UWP!

Media Foundation version of Reference Signal Source is UWP friendly. It can be played using stock MediaElement control (whether it is a C# or JS project), is also Direct3D aware and friendly and as such integrates well with the MediaElement. Then on top of that the whole bundle is even WACK friendly and is ready…

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