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LogProcessExceptions: Automatically Create Minidump Files on C++ Exception in Monitored Process

LogProcessExceptions utility implements a very basic debugger which attaches (see DebugActiveProcess on MSDN) to a running process and monitors its exceptions. Once exception takes place the utility creates a minidump file for the process (see MiniDumpWriteDump on MSDN) so that exception condition could be investigated off-site using debugger. If you throw C++ exceptions in your…

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How to get HMODULE of msvcr90.dll

Because Microsoft C++ Runtime library is distributed as a side-by-side assembly, GetModuleHandle and LoadLibrary is no longer available to locate the library within the process. Both API calls would return NULL handle. HMODULE hModule = GetModuleHandle(_T(“msvcr90.dll”)); HMODULE hModule = LoadLibrary(_T(“msvcr90.dll”)); Still, how to locate the modules in order to, for example, be able to check…

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Ahead Nero’s NeResize DirectShow Filter

Another example of a negligence with a cost of incompatibility and enormous amount of support time. Ahead Nero installs a number of DirectShow filters into $(Program Files)\Common Files\Ahead\DSFilter directory. One of the files is NeResize.ax and it hosts a Nero Resize filter. Let us take a closer look: CLSID: {30002E0C-C574-481E-A5DE-90AE54A79E10} (note that Nero 8 ships…

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