ProcessSnapshot: Create process minidump for port-mortem debugging

ProcessSnapshot is a utility to take a snapshot of process call stacks, and the snapshot taken is written into a human friendly text file.

ProcessSnapshot is taking process minidump files

Additionally to this, the utility has been given a capability to create process minidump files, on user request. The minidump files can be used with debugger to analyze the context of the process using feature rich debug environment, esp. Microsoft Visual Studio. To create a minidump for a process, check a corresponding box and press “Take a Dump” button. A file named “<process-image-name> – <date> <time>.dmp” will be created in the directory of the utility executable.

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A binary [Win32, x64] and partial Visual C++ .NET 2008 source code are available from SVN.

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  1. Where is the source for all the Alax.Info files? (ro*.h)

    These files are not published.

    The top level code for reference (API used and what exactly is being done etc) is there: or

    The binary is also there and this is what is available online.

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