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DirectShow Spy: Intelligent Connect Trace, Selective Process Black Listing

DirectShow Spy is updated with a few new features: retroactive Intelligent Connect trace log output for IAMGraphBuilderCallback-related activity process name based black list to selectively exclude processes from spying Intelligent Connect Trace The utility received a capability to read back from its own log file (DirectShowSpy.log, located typically in C:\ProgramData directory) and reconstruct graph building…

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DirectShow Spy: Memory Allocator Properties

A small update to the DirectShow Spy today: DirectShow Filter Graph Spy prints memory allocator properties as a part of graph topology trace on transition to running state. Why is that and what it is for? Filters normally agree on allocator properties (ALLOCATOR_PROPERTIES, obtained from IMemAllocator, obtained from IMemInputPin) themselves without interference from controlling application.…

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DirectShow Spy: IAMFilterData interface

This quick update for DirectShow Filter Graph Spy adds tracing for (deprecated) IAMFilterData interface, and also fixes problem with Media Player Classic – Home Cinema, when the player crashes in External Filters windows. Partial Visual C++ .NET 2008 source code is available from SVN, release binary included (Win32, x64); installation instructions are in another post.

DirectShow Spy: Filter Mapper Spy

DirectShow Filter Graph Spy was updated to add new functionality: spying over another DirectShow object – Filter Mapper. Filter Mapper object is used for filter registration purposes and also internally by DirectShow’s Intelligent Connect. IFilterMapper2 interface traces provide detailed description on steps DirectShow takes in order to connect and/or render filter pins. For example when…

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DirectShow Filter Graph Spy: 64-bit version and hook API

Today’s update for DirectShow Filter Graph Spy introduces 64-bit version (mind the beta state) and a mini-API for an external module to be involved into graph building process. Filter Graph Spy is offering three new interfaces that provide extensibility of the spy: IFilterGraphAddRemoveHook IFilterGraphConnectHook IFilterGraphStateControlHook The interfaces are contained in the type library and can…

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