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Another third party DirectShow filter that may break your very own application

One of the DirectShow’s most important features is Intelligent Connect, which allows Filter Graph Manager to build graphs out of independent filters trying to connect them together including options to fall back to originally non-preferred alternatives and so on. It is however important that filters are properly registered with the Filter Mapper. For the developers…

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How To: Implement DirectShow Filter using DirectX Media Object DMO (Part 4: Merit)

Previously on the topic: Part 1: Starting the Project Part 2: Video Processing Part 3: Persistence, Automation and Property Pages The implemented so far filter/DMO shown a problem related to its unexpectedly high “importance” in the system with the symptom of “auto-insertion” the filter when it is not necessary. For example, let us render an…

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FFDShow is getting more annoying

Surprisingly fast I got new problems having ffdshow installed as a part of K-Lite Codec Pack. No wonder though because let us take a look at registration information: Display Name: @device:sw:{083863F1-70DE-11D0-BD40-00A0C911CE86}\{0F40E1E5-4F79-4988-B1A9-CC98794E6B55} CLSID: {0F40E1E5-4F79-4988-B1A9-CC98794E6B55} Friendly Name: ffdshow Audio Decoder Path: C:\Program Files\K-Lite Codec Pack\ffdshow\ffdshow.ax Merit: 0x3fffffff Nice merit, ain’t it? What is merit anyway? Let us…

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