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DHCP Server: List of Issued Leases

Alax.Info DHCP Server was updated to provide user interface and show a list of issued DHCP leases, including: hardware (MAC) address and IP address correspondence latest date and time of DHCP lease issue sortable list to be able to conveniently arrange entries and lookup items of interest Other changes include: stores latest lease issue date…

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DHCP Server: More Configuration Choices for Router, Time Server and DNS Server (Options 3, 4 and 6)

Alax.Info DHCP Server received more configuration options and allows customizable DHCP parameters, options 3, 4 and 6: Registry: Data Tag Name Length Meaning Reference ——– ——————————- —— ———————————————— ——— 3 Router N N/4 Router addresses [RFC2132] 4 Time Server N N/4 Timeserver addresses [RFC2132] 6 Domain Server N N/4 DNS Server addresses [RFC2132] Application GUI…

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