DHCP Server: More Configuration Choices for Router, Time Server and DNS Server (Options 3, 4 and 6)

Alax.Info DHCP Server received more configuration options and allows customizable DHCP parameters, options 3, 4 and 6:

Tag       Name                             Length  Meaning                                           Reference
--------  -------------------------------  ------  ------------------------------------------------  ---------
3         Router                           N       N/4 Router addresses                              [RFC2132]
4         Time Server                      N       N/4 Timeserver addresses                          [RFC2132]
6         Domain Server                    N       N/4 DNS Server addresses                          [RFC2132]

Application GUI allows configuration of the options, including multiple IP addresses per option and “this” placeholder to be replaced with selected network adapter’s IP address:

Options Property Page

The DHCP Server application responds to the network device with a packet of the following kind (captured by WireShark):

Wireshark DHCP ACK Packet

Release information:

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