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PlayReady DRM in StreamingServer application via MSE/EME

One more video streaming scenario is added to PoC StreamingServer application: ability to stream DRM-enabled content with playback via Media Source Extensions (MSE) and Encrypted Media Extensions EME interface and by-frame data appendage in JavaScript. DRM scenarios are typically handled by JavaScript streaming media players such as castLabs PRESTOplay for Web Apps, where JavaScript player gets…

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MPEG-DASH trick play adaptation set

Just a small addition to MPEG-DASH server: a separate trick play video track with 1 fps just IDR frames track. The “trick mode” itself is essentially this: 3.2.9. Trick Mode Support Trick Modes are used by DASH clients in order to support fast forward, seek, rewind and other operations in which typically the media, especially…

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Support for FLAC in ISO BMFF with MSE in StreamingServer application

Chrome platform supports FLAC encoding in ISO BMFF (fragmented MP4) media since version 62 (October 2017), however the support for FLAC (and Opus) overall did not become standard and comprehensive since then. I hooked up Microsoft FLAC Audio Encoder MFT into media streaming application to produce media and check browser compatibility. /audio.mp4?flac – produces FLAC…

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