MPEG-DASH trick play adaptation set

Just a small addition to MPEG-DASH server: a separate trick play video track with 1 fps just IDR frames track.

The “trick mode” itself is essentially this:

3.2.9. Trick Mode Support

Trick Modes are used by DASH clients in order to support fast forward, seek, rewind and other operations in which typically the media, especially video, is displayed in a speed other than the normal playout speed. In order to support such operations, it is recommended that the content author adds Representations at lower frame rates in order to support faster playout with the same decoding and rendering capabilities.

However, Representations targeted for trick modes are typically not be suitable for regular playout.

The application extends its manifest with an additional “trick” video track when requested URL is http://localhost/hls/manifest.mpd?trickplay

Download links


  • 64-bit: StreamingServer.exe (in .ZIP archive)
  • License: This software is free to use; builds have time based expiration

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