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AMD PowerXpress/Enduro switchable graphics DXGI issue

Yesterday I wrote about the NVIDIA Optimus problem with DXGI where Output Protection Manager API reported Intel certificate for NVIDIA DXGI adapter. AMD hybrid graphics known as “PowerXpress” (and most recently as “Enduro”) exhibits the same behavior: Adapters AMD Radeon HD 8850M Intel(R) HD Graphics Family Adapter: AMD Radeon HD 8850M Vendor Identifier: 0x1002 […]…

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MediaFoundationDxgiCapabilities: GPU preference & Hybrid GPU systems

I added a section that enumerates DXGI adapters with the help IDXGIFactory6::EnumAdapterByGpuPreference – this is included into the produced output. Unfortunately the method does not distinguish between dual GPU systems, such as with discrete GPU and additional CPU integrated Intel GPU… DXGI Capabilities NOTE: Baseline capabilities are corresponding to DXGI 1.1 Windowed Stereo: 0 DXGI_FEATURE_PRESENT_ALLOW_TEARING:…

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Media Foundation API primitive styling of WinRT windows.mediaCodec

An interesting Media Foundation question on StackOverflow: Weird connection between CoInitializeSecurity() and Media Foundation Encoders A developer has reasons to discard standard COM security and go RPC_C_IMP_LEVEL_ANONYMOUS. Surprisingly this has effect on Windows Media Foundation API in the part of available codecs (Media Foundation Transforms). Sample code: CoInitializeSecurity line in the code above removes the…

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