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How to use windowless Video Mixing Renderer Filter to show video fullscreen

The question is being asked from time to time. Everyone knows what is full screen video. Video renderers implement full screen capability since long ago through their IVideoWindow::put_FullScreenMode property, and even Filter Graph Manager exposes its own IVideoWindow interface to forward calls to filter’s implementation of IVideoWindow interface. However, for Video Mixing Renderers, version 7…

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How to overlay a bitmap on top of video with Video Mixing Renderer (VMR-9)

A 100-lines code snippet which illustrates how a bitmap is overlaid over displayed video with Video Mixing Renderer 9 Filter using IVMRMixerBitmap9 interface. A video clip is played (default is Windows clock.avi, but you can replace it with your longer one to see overlay is really in a loop). http://code.assembla.com/…/VmrMixerBitmapSample01/… VMR9AlphaBitmap AlphaBitmap; ZeroMemory(&AlphaBitmap, sizeof AlphaBitmap);…

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How To: Save image to BMP file from IBasicVideo or VMR windowless interface

A simple question being asked all over again. Given IBasicVideo, IBasicVideo2, IVMRWindowlessControl or IVMRWindowlessControl9, how to save image to file? It is easy. It is a bit easier with IBasicVideo because it is possible to query this interface directly from graph’s interface, such as IGraphBuilder, and the call will be forwarded to video renderer. This…

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