How to overlay a bitmap on top of video with Video Mixing Renderer (VMR-9)

A 100-lines code snippet which illustrates how a bitmap is overlaid over displayed video with Video Mixing Renderer 9 Filter using IVMRMixerBitmap9 interface. A video clip is played (default is Windows clock.avi, but you can replace it with your longer one to see overlay is really in a loop).…/VmrMixerBitmapSample01/…

VMR9AlphaBitmap AlphaBitmap;
ZeroMemory(&AlphaBitmap, sizeof AlphaBitmap);
AlphaBitmap.dwFlags = VMR9AlphaBitmap_hDC;
AlphaBitmap.hdc = Dc;
AlphaBitmap.rSrc = CRect(0, 0, 32, 32);
AlphaBitmap.rDest.left = (FLOAT) 0.75; = (FLOAT) 0.75;
AlphaBitmap.rDest.right = (FLOAT) 0.95;
AlphaBitmap.rDest.bottom = (FLOAT) 0.95;
AlphaBitmap.fAlpha = 0.75;
const HRESULT nSetAlphaBitmapResult = pVmrMixerBitmap->SetAlphaBitmap(&AlphaBitmap);

With a low FPS clip like clock.avi it is clear that the overlaid image is only updated with the next “main” video frame.

IVMRMixerBitmap9 Usage Sample

Visual C++ .NET 2008 source code is available from SVN, release binary included.

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