Windows 10 AVI Splitter bug

There were a few reports that in Windows 10 it is unable to play AVI files, which played fine in earlier versions of Windows, AVI files specifically.

OK, the problem does exist. More to say, the problem exist in Windows component that implements AVI Splitter DirectShow filter. One of the reporters mentioned he had a problem with a DV AVI flie. I build one and it indeed showed the problem:

AVI Splitter bug in GraphStudioNext

Playback stops at the same frame every time the filter graph is run. The error is 0x8004020D VFW_E_BUFFER_OVERFLOW “The buffer is not big enough” coming from AVI Splitter’s worker thread. The buffers on the memory allocators look appropriate, so the bug looks related to AVI Splitter implementation details, CBaseMSRWorker class that reads from file and delivers frames downstream.

AVI Splitter bug call stack

The problem exists in 32 and 64 bit versions, but not in Media Foundation. With certain luck Microsoft will fix the problem on their side.

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