NTFS Links Update

Multilanguage support added and Russian translation is also put into this update. No features added.

Screenshot 1
Russian locale is detected automatically but you can also overrdide through registry:

Key Name: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Alax.Info\NTFS Links\Locale
Value Name: Default
Value Type: DWORD
Value: 1049 (decimal) for Russian

Translation is implemented as a satellite DLL, so more languages are possible if anyone would ever like to make a translation.


http://alax.info/blog-dist/AlaxInfoNtfsLinksSetup-1.1.1.msi (336K)

2 Replies to “NTFS Links Update”

  1. I did not find yet how to hook into file copy operation, as soon as I discover such an opportunity, the functionality will be added.
    Do you really think Russian is not natural? The punctuation is discussible, but as for the text… what is your suggestion for the strings mentioned?

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