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Understanding Your DirectShow Filter Graph

Many questions in DirectShow development are caused by lack of developer’s understanding what topology his code effectively built. Intelligent Connect and RenderXxx methods help adding and connecting filters and in the end a developer does not have a faintest idea what the pipeline looks like. DirectShow API provides methods to enumerate filters, pins, connection and…

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Little known DirectShow VMR-7 snapshot problem

There is so little information about this problem (not really a bug, rather a miscalculation) out there because it is coming up with customized Video Mixing Renderer Filter 7 and there is no problem with straightforward use. In windowless mode the renderer is accepting media samples and displays them as configured. IVMRWindowlessControl::GetCurrentImage method is available…

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Reference Signal Source: RGB32/ARGB32 Subtypes, Media Foundation Media Source for Video

An update for Reference signal source for DirectShow DLLs: the source is doing more accurately RGB subtypes and allows specification whether you want MEDIASUBSTYPE_RGB32 or MEDIASUBSTYPE_ARGB32 additionally the DLL implements Microsoft Media Foundation Media Source for the video stream A more detailed description follows. RGB32 and ARGB32 are very close and share the same byte…

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