Utility Clearance: Automatic Snapshots

Automatic Snapshots runs as a background application monitors clipboard. Should a new image be copied there, the utility automatically writes the image into a file. The process does not require any user interaction and is completely automatic so that – per Mike Westen‘s request – user could quickly and easily create snapshots of a multitude of windows (Alt+Print Screen) or full screen images (Print Screen) using standard hotkeys.


  • Automatic PNG compression (can be disabled via registry and enable BMP mode)
  • Reduction of color depth to create smaller PNG files
  • Asynchronous processing, the compression and file writes are on background thread to not slow foreground application
  • Application window flashes on application bar while busy and indicates the status via window caption
  • Application appends current foreground window caption to the image file name

A binary [Win32, x64] and Visual C++ .NET 2010 source code are available from SVN.

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