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Resource Tools: 64-bit build

I rebuilt the Resource Tools utility in 64-bits to, supposedly, be able to be good with resources on 64-bit binaries (actually 32-bit code might be dealing with those fine also?). Anyway, the build is here and the tool available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. In particular, both 32-bit and 64-bit JavaScript scripts hosted by…

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Utility Clearance: Automatic Snapshots

Automatic Snapshots runs as a background application monitors clipboard. Should a new image be copied there, the utility automatically writes the image into a file. The process does not require any user interaction and is completely automatic so that – per Mike Westen‘s request – user could quickly and easily create snapshots of a multitude…

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An easy tweak with PHPBB forums to avoid automated registration of spambot users

Spammers¬† finally reached PHPBB version 3 “Olympus” default CAPTCHA automated OCR task in their development schedule and recently started registering bot users passing the provided CAPTCHA confirmation code. Luckily to them, PHPBB3 default CAPTCHA code is ridiculously easy to OCR, os basically this was rather expected. It does not however mean that there is no…

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