American Kestrel Partnership — The Peregrine Fund

As a part of American Kestrel Partnership project, Peregrine Fund put live cameras online to broadcast interior and exterior views of American Kestrel nest boxes in their campus in Boise, Idaho.

One of the nestboxes is not only populated, four eggs have been laid recently and hatching is expected soon. The live picture is made possible by putting IP cameras and connecting them with to broadcasting service through Adobe FMLE software through my IP Video Source DirectShow driver for IP cameras (the IP camera video feed is streamed 24/7 through a virtual video device picked up by FMLE and re-encoded into uploadable stream forwarded to Ustream online service for further distribution).

For more information, see:

Watch the pet on live cameras below:

North Nestbox – Outside

Live stream videos at Ustream

North Nestbox – Inside

Live broadcasting by Ustream

South Nestbox – Outside

Streaming Live by Ustream

South Nestbox – Inside

Streaming Live by Ustream

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