COM Class to Send SMTP Email: x64, Attachments, HTML Content-Type

Here go the updates on the COM library which offers easy to use COM interface to send emails, including over secure TLS and SSL channels:

  • x64 build
  • Attachments property to enable attchments to the message being sent
  • ContentType property to enable text/html bodies
  • subject non-English characters are correctly UTF-8 encoded
  • empty To, CC, BCC fields are discarded
  • recent properties are put onto persistence map: SecureSocketsLayer, TransportLayerSecurity, ContentType
message = new ActiveXObject("AlaxInfo.EmailTools.Message");
message.ServerHost = "";

// ...
message.Body = "See attached."

attachment = message.Attachments.Add();
attachment.Type = "text/html";
attachment.Disposition = "attachment";
attachment.Name = "AutoBuildResults.html";

attachment = message.Attachments.Add();
attachment.Type = "image/jpeg";
//attachment.Disposition = "inline";
attachment.Name = "picture.jpg";

// ...

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