GDCL MPEG-4 filters update

As mentioned recently in DirectShowSpy media sample trace update, I uploaded a fork of MPEG-4 filters developed by Geraint Davies, which includes a few updates made over time. They are worth mentioning in a separate post:

  • the projects received type libraries and it is easier to reference filters now by #importing the type library into your project, with class and interface definitions
  • added support for seeking to key frame, positioning loop without thread re-creation, ability to query for all frame times in the file including frame flags – all together this makes a base for playback with good scrubbing performance and user experience
  • fixed a few bugs (resulting file might be not playable in WMP, seeking esp. when scrubbing results in media samples set off by small amount of time, maybe other)
  • ability to affect multiplexer memory allocator and its properties
  • support for raw video formats, so that MP4 container could be used as a temporary storage for raw captured video (it’s a good choice because the container format is not bloated and has no file size constraints unlike e.g. AVI implementations)
  • ability to write a secondary helper temporary file to keep important data, which lets one fix broken capture sessions; an incomplete MP4 file is typically a piece of garbage but with this file it can be restored up to crash point (think of multi-hour recordings) – this needs to be elaborated and some time in future there could possibly be a tool that does the job
  • last but not least, DirectShowSpy integration; the code is easy to remove or disable because it is put inside #if defined(ALAXINFODIRECTSHOWSPY_AVAILABLE) sections; integration serves both as example of how to leverage DirectShowSpy media sample traces and also to provide pre-built filters with enabled tracing


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