Video Processor MFT scaling bug

Let us break the silence with a fresh Media Foundation bug.

D3D11 WARNING: ID3D11DeviceContext::PSSetShaderResources: Resource being set to PS shader resource slot 0 is inaccessible because of a previous call to ReleaseSync or GetDC. [ STATE_SETTING WARNING #7: DEVICE_PSSETSHADERRESOURCES_HAZARD]

A Direct3D 11 enabled instance of Video Processor MFT is doing something wrong with the data and produces blacked output…

As the quoted message suggests, the problem is closely related to D3D11_RESOURCE_MISC_SHARED_KEYEDMUTEX type of textures, and – again presumably – it is a bug in the Microsoft’s MFT implementation since the problem is triggered for no apparent reason and just in some scenarios.

Apparently the internal Dircet3D 11 layer itself is capable to do the scaling because it seems to be even possible to fool the MFT with incorrect media types and get the scaling done!

The problem might be tricky to catch if the conversion is taking place inside higher level Media Foundation APIs like Media Session: it might be hard to try things with the MFT while its managed by the API and the API enforces consistency of the setup. An apparent solution to the problem (one of) is to add another custom MFT in between and copy mutex-enabled texture into a simple one. Video Processor MFT does the scaling right and efficiently when it is not confused by extravagant input.

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