Infrared Camera in Media Foundation

Surface Pro (5th Gen) infrared camera streamed into Chrome browser in H.264 encoding over WebSocket connection

The screenshot above shows Surface Pro tablet’s infrared camera (known as “Microsoft IR Camera Front” on the device) captured live, encoded and streamed (everything is hosted by Microsoft Media Foundation Media Session by this point) over network using WebSockets into Chrome’s HTML5 video tag by means of Media Source Extensions (MSE).

Why? Because why not.

Unfortunately, Microsoft did not publish/document API to access infrared and depth (time-of-flight) cameras so that traditional applications could use the hardware capabilities. Nevertheless, the functionality is available in Universal Windows Platform (UWP), see Windows.Media.Capture.Frames and friends.

UWP implementation is apparently using Media Foundation on its backyard so the fucntionlaity could certainly be published for desktop applications as well. Another interesting thing is that my [undocumented] way to access the device seems to be bypassing frame server and talks to device directly, including video.

It does not look like Microsoft is planning to extend visibility of these new features to desktop Media Foundation API since they sequentially add new features without exposing them for public use outside UWP. UWP API itself is eclectic and I can’t imagine how one could get a good understanding of it without having a good grip on underlying API layers.

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