UpdateVersionInfoGit: Multiple references/hashes

Some time ago I shared an application which I have been using to embed git reference into binary resources, especially as a post-build event in automated manner: Embedding a Git reference at build time.

This time I needed a small amendment related to use of a git repository as a sub-module of another repository. To make things easier for troubleshooting, when a project if built as a part of bigger build through a sub-module repository reference, both git details of the repository and its parent might be embedded into resources.

“$(ProjectDir)..\_Bin\Third Party\UpdateVersionInfoGit-$(PlatformName).exe” path “$(ProjectDir)..” path “$(ProjectDir)..\..” binary “$(TargetPath)”

The utility allows multiple path arguments, will go over all of them and concetenate the “git log” output. When multiple paths are given it is okay to some of them be invalid or unrelated to git repositories.

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