The SDK API 1.9 adds SkipFrame…

If there was a prize for the messiest SDK, Intel Media SDK would be a favorite. They seem to have put but special care to make things confusing, unclear, inconvenient to use and sick perplexed.

So there is no clear signal which versions of SDK have support for SkipFrame field. One has to query and the query itself is not something straightforward: one needs to build a multi-piece structure with request for multiple things among which this field is zeroed on the way back if the functionality is not supported. That could be fine if other vendors would not have shown that there are so much friendlier ways to expose features to developers.

Going further: the member itself is documented as introduced in SDK version 1.9. Good to know! Let us continue reading:

The enumeration itself is available since SDK version 1.11. That’s a twist!

To summarize, it is likely to be unsafe to do anything about this functionality, which is a small thing among so many there, before SDK 1.9. With SDK versions 1.9 and 1.10 the values are undefined because SDK 1.11 introduced enumeration, which was then extended in 1.13. Regardless, apart from SDK versions one needs to build a query (which alone makes you feel miserable if you happen to know how capability discovery is implemented by NVIDIA) because even though the field might be known to SDK runtime, its implementation might be missing.

However, as it often happens there is a silver lining if you look well enough: we have to thank Intel for the capability because AMD does not offer it at all.

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