A readable version of HelloDirectML sample

So it came to my attention that there is a new API in DirectX family: Direct Machine Learning (DirectML).

Direct Machine Learning (DirectML) is a low-level API for machine learning. It has a familiar (native C++, nano-COM) programming interface and workflow in the style of DirectX 12. You can integrate machine learning inferencing workloads into your game, engine, middleware, backend, or other application. DirectML is supported by all DirectX 12-compatible hardware.

You might want to check out this introduction video if you are interested:

I updated HelloDirectML code and restructured it to be readable and easy to comprehend. In my variant I have two operators of addition and multiplication following one another with a UAV resource barrier in between. The code does (1.5 * 2) ^ 2 math in tensor space.

Here is my fork with updated HelloDirectML, with the top surface code with tensor math in less than 150 lines of code starting here. If you are a fan of spaghetti style (according to Wiki it appears what I prefer is referred to as “Ravioli code”), the original sample is there.

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