Incorrect video output of NVIDIA H.264 Encoder MFT

I mentioned issues in AMD’s and Intel’s video encoding related drivers, APIs and integration components. Now I switched development box video card to NVIDIA’s and immediately hit their glitch too.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER offers really fast video encoder and consumer hardware from AMD and Intel is simply nowhere near. 3840×2160@144 video can be encoded as fast as under with 10 ms per frame:


640x360@144	1.09
640x360@260	1.02
1280x720@60	2.00
1280x720@120	2.00
1920x1080@60	3.26
1920x1080@72	3.30
1920x1080@90	3.26
1920x1080@120	3.29
1920x1080@144	3.77
2560x1440@60	5.23
2560x1440@72	5.22
2560x1440@90	5.33
2560x1440@120	5.71
2560x1440@144	5.75
3840x2160@30	11.00
3840x2160@60	11.33
3840x2160@72	11.32
3840x2160@90	9.41
3840x2160@120	7.62
3840x2160@144	8.54


640x360@144	1.00
640x360@260	1.00
1280x720@60	2.05
1280x720@120	2.05
1920x1080@60	4.03
1920x1080@72	4.01
1920x1080@90	4.01
1920x1080@120	4.63
1920x1080@144	4.67
2560x1440@60	4.00
2560x1440@72	4.00
2560x1440@90	4.00
2560x1440@120	4.10
2560x1440@144	4.18
3840x2160@30	8.00
3840x2160@60	8.33
3840x2160@72	8.43
3840x2160@90	8.42
3840x2160@120	7.88
3840x2160@144	6.89

However this is their hardware and API, and Media Foundation integration based on custom Media Foundation wrapper.

NVIDIA’s Media Foundation encoder transform (MFT) shipped with video driver fails to do even simple thing correctly. Encoding texture using NVIDIA MFT:

It looks like internal color space conversion taking place inside the transform is failing…

NVIDIA HEVC Encoder MFT handles the same input (textures) correctly.

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