DRM-enabled streaming media playback bug with UWP MediaElement

Addition of another crazy thing into internal tooling uncovered new interesting bug. An application is creating audiovisual HLS (HTTP Live Streaming – adaptive streaming developed by Apple) stream on the fly now with Microsoft PlayReady DRM encryption attached.

UWP samples offer a sample application for playback: PlayReady sample. The playback looks this:

Oops, no video! However, this is behavior by design: DRM-enabled video is protected on multiple layers and eventually the image cannot be captured back as a screenshot: the video is automatically removed from the view.

Physical picture of application on monitor is:

Depending on protection level, there might be HDCP enforcement as well.

Now the bug is that protected video running in UWP MediaElement is that video cannot be taken to another monitor (even though it belong to the same video adapter):

It cannot be even restarted on another monitor! Generally speaking, it is not necessarily an MediaPlayer element bug, it can as well be DXGI, for example, and it can be even NVIDIA driver bug. Even though NVIDIA software reports that both monitors can have HDCP-enabled signal, there is something missing. One interesting thing is that it is not even possible to query for HDCP status via standard API for one of the monitors, but not for the other.

PlayReady DRM itself is not a technology coming with detailed information, and its support in Windows is seriously limited in information, integration support. There is just one sample mentioned above and pretty much of related information is simply classified. There is not so much for debugging either because Microsoft intentionally limited PlayReady support to stock implementation hard to use partially, and which is running in an isolated protected process: Media Foundation Media Pipeline EXE (related keyword: PsProtectedSignerAuthenticode).

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