GStreamer & Media Foundation

More of unusual stuff: mix of Media Foundation pipeline, with a custom media source specifically, with GStreamer pipeline. It appears that with all bulkiness of GStreamer runtime, the framework remains open for integrations and flexible for a mix of pre-built and custom components.

PoC push source plugin on top of Media Foundation media session and media source is reasonably small, and is mixed in pipeline in a pretty straightforward way.

auto const Registry = gst_registry_get();
std::string PluginDirectory = "D:\\gstreamer\\1.18\\1.0\\msvc_x86_64\\lib\\gstreamer-1.0";
for(auto&& FileName: { "gstopenh264.dll", "gstopengl.dll" })
	PathCombineA(Path, PluginDirectory.c_str(), FileName);
	G::Error Error;
	GstPlugin* Plugin = gst_plugin_load_file(Path, &Error);
	auto const Result = gst_registry_add_plugin(Registry, Plugin);
#pragma endregion 
	G::Error Error;
	Gst::Element const Pipeline { gst_parse_launch("customsrc ! openh264dec ! glimagesink", &Error) };
	gst_element_set_state(Pipeline.get(), GST_STATE_PLAYING);
Media Foundation Media Source with Direct3D 11 rendering and Direct2D graphics is being played through GStreamer pipeline to OpenGL sink

As codebase and plugin development environment GStreamer is closer to DirectShow rather than Media Foundation: there is a structure of base classes for reuse, implemented, however, in C (not even C++) with, respectively, a mere amount of chaos inside.

Still, GStreamer looks cool overall and over years accumulated a bunch of useful plugins. Long list includes multiple integrations and implementation of MPEG stuff of sorts, and RTP related pieces in particular.

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