To the collection of crapware: Nokia PC Suite

Can there be any justification for a completely custom GUI replacing standard caption, buttons etc. and imitating Vista look on Windows XP? Vista look, but with unusual custom controls and still with a jerky Windows 3.11 style font (see prompt for installation path below).

I was about to write that unlike previous versions of Nokia PC Suite, this one at least does the very first thing it is expected to do… but nope, it crashed on… viewing contacts! And it crashes every time soon after contacts browsing is opened!

OK, this might be a “little glitch”, but the Suite is still losing USB cable connections just like it has been doing for a long long time, even when it did not yet have Vista look…

How many Windows processes is necessary for this type of application? I left Bluetooth and Infrared disabled as unneeded. Service context: ServiceLayer.exe which started NclMSBTSrv.exe, NclUSBSrv.exe, NclRSSrv.exe (thanks, because there is 4 more .exes in this Transports subdirectory); Desktop: PCSuite.exe and an application for any major task: ContentCopier.exe, ConnectionManager.exe, CommunicationCentre.exe. It makes an impression I have installed another operating system on top of Windows. I never thought that communication with a cellular phone might be such complex task, which requires so many applications started.

Nokia’s service is “ServiceLayer”, display name “ServiceLayer”, service description is missing…

How did they come to this software design? To implement custom look and feel, fully customized GUI and just not provide any descriptive name for the service, which is by the way starting automatically (well, service startup is Manual, but user applications auto-start by default and would start the service) and keeps bloating system even when the Suite is not being used.

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