Internal E_UNEXPECTED in dxgi.dll

Someone asked a question on StackOverflow recently about suspicious debug output messages associated with DXGI/Direct3D initialization: DirectX12: dxgi dll catastrophic failure when creating IDXGIFactory.

onecore\windows\directx\database\helperlibrary\lib\perappusersettingsqueryimpl.cpp(121)\dxgi.dll!00007FFBA0D6D7F8: (caller: 00007FFBA0D4D167) ReturnHr(1) tid(64d8) 8000FFFF Catastrophic failure onecore\windows\directx\database\helperlibrary\lib\perappusersettingsqueryimpl.cpp(98)\dxgi.dll!00007FFBA0D6D4D0: (caller: 00007FFBA0D3E221) ReturnHr(2) tid(64d8) 8000FFFF Catastrophic failure onecore\windows\directx\database\helperlibrary\lib\directxdatabasehelper.cpp(999)\dxgi.dll!00007FFBA0D6D4FC: (caller: 00007FFBA0D3E221) ReturnHr(3) tid(64d8) 8000FFFF Catastrophic failure

This problem is not fatal or severe but it is a long standing one, and Microsoft folks should look into it because — as StackOverflow question suggests — it confuses people.

It is also a widespread one, and — for instance — it can be easily repro’d by one of the apps I posted earlier:

If you start the application in self-debugging mode with -Debug command line parameter, the debug output is redirected to console and those messages are immediately visible:

In the referenced StackOverflow answer I also advertise Microsoft Windows Implementation Libraries (WIL) which I like and use myself where appropriate, and I think is a good piece of software, and an underrated one. No wonder it is used in DXGI implementation internally.

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