Daily missiles

This used to be a secondary school 500 meters away from where I used to live. Russian Federation keeps attacking Kharkov nightly firing a few guided missiles from Belgorod region (40+ kilometers away). People from Belgorod, Russian Federation see outgoing missiles and write into Telegram IM chat: “Hey, another one is heading to you”, then in a while people from Kharkov, Ukraine see it destroying something new on the Ukrainian side.

src: https://t.me/place_kh/21868

Windows 11 Virtual Video Camera

Just a quick hookup of my test Media Foundation media source into new Windows 11 MFCreateVirtualCamera API.

Software video source is presented by Windows 11 as a video capture device. Finally, there is a nice way to create virtual cameras, even though Windows 11 (Windows Build 22000) is a minimal requirement.

Application produced video stream is accepted by both Media Foundation and DirectShow APIs:

Media Foundation API based Windows Camera application showing virtual camera
DirectShow API based GraphStudioNext application showing virtual camera

The new API works throough earlier introduced Frame Server subsystem: the new API pulls video frames from provided Media Foundation media sources and distributes data among the connected applications, the same way things happen with regular driver backed video sources.

  1. Download MediaFoundationVirtualCamera.7z and extract the contents
  2. Run “regsvr32 MediaFoundationVirtualCameraMediaSource.dll” from elevated command line prompt
  3. Run MediaFoundationVirtualCamera.exe
  4. While MediaFoundationVirtualCamera.exe is running, a new camera is registered with the system and is available for the applications

Vivek’s VCam is finally to be phased out, but it will still take some time.

Humanitarian aid in Kharkov, Ukraine

My friend remains in Kharkov, Ukraine, the city experiencing ongoing shelling and destruction.

He is running a team of over 40 volunteers whose daily activity is delivery of food and medication to people throughout the city and villages around. They supply over 2000 people with essentials weekly.

Donations and funds to fuel the support are greatly appreciated, and are directly used for humanitarian aid. Please share the information, and I highly recommend these people to those who seek how to pass help directly to those helping civilians in hotspots.

I leave contact and other details below:

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Suspended (or closed?)

As my city of Kharkov, on the North-East of Ukraine, is attacked by MLRS and artillery, I am not really sure that I would want to continue when the fog of war is gone. Thanks everyone for reading over years!

True media of local events, “open in web” gets you the stream if you don’t use Telegram: https://t.me/truexanewsua Pictures and videos of military damage to civil infrastructure, which is happening right now.

Beyond the Possible

I am replaying a pretty much regular MPEG TS recording taken from air, just with a MPEG TS rollover condition inside.

  1. Microsoft Media Foundation – ? FAIL
  2. Microsoft Movies & TV Application – ? FAIL (obviously because of #1 above, but let me double this down)
  3. Media Player Classic MPC-HC – ? FAIL
  4. VLC – ? FAIL
  5. DirectShow with one commercial MPEG demultiplexer filter – ? FAIL
  6. GStreamer 1.18 – ? FAIL

Oh, come on! Anyone? The recording is absolutely known to be one hundred percent valid!

Sounds like we have a new industry standard.

Microsoft Media Foundation drops sample times at MPEG TS rollover at 30.000s on audio leg, but not on video.

YouTube video contains content… blocked on copyright grounds

Previous post embedded a video clip, hosted by YouTube, with a 37 seconds recording of Microsoft Edge window playing another YouTube clip. The video clearly showed UI part of browser and YouTube web page besides the video. Audio was a re-encoded re-capture of playback audio, however obviously matching algorithm would do a positive here because audio was captured excellently. The clip itself had a link to original content in the description & also linked blog post. Essentially, the 37s fragment of 205s song displayed that capture and recording of a separate window using OS API and tooling produces a decent MP4 file.

Then this happened:

After a manual review, a copyright owner has claimed some material in your video.

As a result, your video has been blocked, and can no longer be played on YouTube.

This is not a copyright strike. This claim does not affect your account status.

Video title: DxgiTakeWindowSnapshot’s WGC & Loopback Audio Recording

So it is a copyright infringement nowadays to show a screen-rip of half a minute trim of playback of 1/6th of music video with clear indication of source and purpose, and MANUAL REVIEWER confirmed that.

But okay, the song is rather good.